Cloud Solutions

E-Solutions are a staffing firm for Cloud Solution Providers. We help our client staffs highly skilled talent for hardware virtualization, service-oriented software architecture, application development, database architecture, and high-capacity storage systems architecture, and enterprise system project management.

We are a great resource for any Cloud Service Provider (CSP) looking to hire candidates with Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud experience.

Cloud Positions Placed

  • AWS, GitLab, CI concepts
  • AWS Micro Services, Terrafirm
  • AWS Architect
  • AWS Solution Architect
  • AWS Developer
  • AWS Admin
  • AWS with Java Microservices
  • AWS Integration BA (Techno Functional)
  • AWS Engineer
  • AWS data architect
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS platform Engineer
  • AWS Network Engineer
  • AWS Cloudera Admin
  • GCP DevOps Engineer
  • GCP Cloud Senior Architect
  • Quantitative Strategies GCP
  • Google Cloud Architect
  • Cloud AI Platform Tech Sol. Consultant
  • Google Cloud Data Engineer
  • Cloud Threat Detection
  • Strategic Cloud Engineer, Security
  • GCP Workflow Engineer
  • Architect: Google Cloud Microservices
  • Big Data & Analytics Cloud Consultant
  • GCP Research Scientist
  • GCP Machine Learning & Intelligence
  • MS Azure Cloud Admin
  • Azure Architect
  • Azure Infra Development
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Azure Architect  / Big data
  • Senior Azure Engineer / Architect
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • Senior Azure Engineer
  • Azure IaaS SME
  • Cloud Architect [ PaaS-Azure]
  • Azure PaaS SME
  • Azure Devops Server Consultant
  • Azure Cloud DevOps Engineer – Infrastructure DevOps
  • Senior cloud Solution Architect – IBM
  • Hybrid Cloud Sftw Systems Engr. IBM
  • Hybrid Cloud Int. Sls – IBM Fin. Ser.
  • Cloud ETL Engineer – IBM
  • Sn. Cloud Application & Solution Architect
  • Hybrid Cloud Data & AI Platform Evangelist
  • Analyst Strategy- IBM Cloud Int Platform
  • Complex Solution Architect – Multi-Cloud
  • Full Stack Developer IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Senior Cloud Solution Architect
  • IBM Cloud Data & AI User Research Manager

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