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[dəˈvərsədē, dīˈvərsədē]

1. the state of being diverse; variety.
• a range of different things.




  1. the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

• a person or thing that is included within a larger group or structure.

Our Commitment

At E-Solutions, we celebrate and embrace that which makes each of us unique. We honor differences among race, gender, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability, religion, culture, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and any other attributes that truly represent an individual or group. Individual lifestyles, work/life balance, learning, and interpersonal styles, life experiences, talents, and creative passions are all factors that contribute to a person’s culture or identity. E-Solutions stands by the notion that by including thoughts and opinions from all perspectives, we remove barriers to the success of our people, our organization, and the services that we provide to our customers.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity – Process & Intitiatives

E-Solutions impactful D&I comes from our stress on details and ability to balance bold initiatives. Our vision and culture are inspired by our employees who are inclusive and proud of who they are, and we value the unique contributions they bring to work every day.

As the workforce solutions aggregator and minority-owned company, we believe our inclusive culture enables us to serve our clients’ needs. Thereby positively impacting our associates’ and consultants’ lives. 

Building Corporate Culture of Inclusion

Early in 2019, our board of directors committed our company globally to be an inclusive environment. For us, that begins with committing it completely. It began with implementing decisive steps and cultivating processes.

Among our goals for 2021 and 2022:

  • Gender Parity: driving greater gender diversity to ensure equal opportunity, pay, and process for both men and women to pay parity.
  • Accessibility: Enhancing our support of accessible and flexible working environments so people with diverse physical and mental health needs can thrive.
  • Inclusive Culture: continuing to drive our inclusion culture through communication, support, training, dialogue, and engagement.

E-Solutions Diversity & Inclusion Process

  • Promoting Gender-Neutral Language

We audit all the job descriptions to check for uses of “he/his/him” as the default and convert them to gender-neutral pronouns like “they.” Text.io is a fantastic platform for this.

  • Leveraging Diverse Candidate Sourcing

We have our internal ATS integrated with Job Boards’ most expansive set, and we not only simultaneously post across different Staffing & Recruiting websites and social media, but we also publicize job openings to alumni networks, universities, and professional associations. Groups that cater to women, people of color, LGBTQ communities, and other underrepresented organizations.

  • Training Recruitment Teams

Our hiring managers, recruiters, and team leaders throughout the organization receive diversity and inclusion training. It’s not limited to practice; we comply with the EEO guidelines, and we consistently review our hiring policies & procedures to promote equity.

  • Candidate Mentorship & Training

We have developed a strategic partnership with training agencies and offer onsite & online mentoring programs for candidates. Further, we encourage candidates by providing 100% waived-off training to promising candidates.

We build one-on-one relationships with career professionals who belong to underrepresented groups is a strong long-term strategy for successful recruitment.

  • Diversity Referral Programs

Inclusive Workspace Culture We encourage our employees to make more diverse referrals. E-Solutions offer special bonuses for referrals from underrepresented groups. By asking our business partners, vendors, investors, customers, even social media followers, we try to make our employee referral program more inclusive.

Supplier Diversity

E-Solutions, as a minority-owned company, committed to nurturing other diverse organizations. To support this, the company is committed to its Vendors-in-Partnership (VIP) program that identifies, qualifies, and develops diverse suppliers. This is also done as a means to support its client-partners’ utilization goals while providing a wider breadth of services and skillsets.

Supplier Diversity Policy

E-Solutions’ supplier diversity policy affirms that certified diverse suppliers are provided the maximum opportunity to participate in providing products and services to their clients. We are committed to continuing its purchasing initiatives from minority, women, disabled, veterans, and small businesses. By including qualified diverse suppliers, the company continues to sharpen its own competitive edge – providing its clients with cost-effective, innovative solutions.

E-Solutions will continue to lead the effort in recognizing the economic importance of utilizing diverse suppliers in the communities where its employees, clients, and consultants work and live.

Utilization Goal

E-Solutions has an aggressive utilization goal for the use of certified diverse suppliers as part of its total direct procurement spend. This goal is apportioned between minority, woman, small, socially, and economically disadvantaged, disabled, and veteran-owned business concerns.


National Minority Supplier

E-Solutions is certified as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) and Corporate Member of the North Central Minority Supplier Development Council (NCMSDC). E-Solutions’ NCMSDC certification was issued by the Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware Minority Supplier Development Council (PA-NJ-DE MSDC – “The Council”). NMSDC’s exclusive Corporate Plus program recognizes E-Solutions’ capabilities to support national contracts.

California Public Utilities Commission

E-Solutions has a certificate of eligibility from the California Public Utilities Commission for its Supplier Clearinghouse Utility Supplier Diversity Program. The CPUC’s supplier diversity program promotes and monitors supplier diversity in procurement by utilities and oversees a certification clearinghouse.

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